A Travel a year keeps the Doctor Away

Traveling has often been seen by others as just spending and wasting money or that it’s just for people who have a lot of time and dollars to spare. AND THIS IS WHERE THEY GOT IT ALL WRONG!

TRAVELING ISN'T AN EXTRAVAGANCE BUT A DEFINITE NEED. Numerous research and studies have already proven that it amazingly contributes to health and wellness. It relieves stress and restores one's vitality so you can once again face the world with a smile and enthusiasm. New experiences greatly affect your brain's function that helps keep your mind alert and sharp allowing you to return to work fully recharged and more productive. Also, exposing yourself to diverse and new environment would boost your immune system allowing your body to become tougher in fighting illnesses. You don’t need to spend a lot to travel.

TRAVELING IMPROVES YOUR POSITIVE OUTLOOK TOWARDS LIFE AND INFLUENCES HOW YOU VIEW YOURSELF. When you go to different places, you get to meet new people and learn their culture somehow. You get to interact with the locals or co-travelers, thus, improving your social skills and connectivity with other people. Social interactions present a connection with staying mentally healthy and can decrease depression. Feel content and fulfilled after asking countless directions or following google map and finally reaching your destination would prove that traveling boosts self-esteem and confidence. Discovering new things, cultures, beliefs and practices will let you understand and appreciate more the crazy yet beautiful world you're living in. Finally, it gives you inspiration and motivation to do better in life.

TRAVELING WILL ABSOLUTELY KEEP YOU FIT AND ENERGETIC. Sightseeing breathtaking scenery and structures would definitely be most enjoyable when you're on your feet. When endless fascinating landscapes, architectures and artifacts are right there before your eyes, would you be aware of the thousands of steps that you're walking? Trying new activities like kayaking, spelunking, wake-boarding, climbing mountains, bungee jumping, cliff diving would burn those fats and boost your self-esteem that you can surpass all hardships and obstacles that your unpredictable life will throw at you.

TRAVELING AWARDS THE FREEDOM YOU DESERVE AND NEED. Long hours in a demanding job, problematic family issues, noisy and polluted city life and other stress could choke the breath out of you until eventually you’ll find yourself non-functional and your life futile. Stop these from happening by stepping away at least once in a while. Studies show that the sound of the waves like in the seaside will help calm the nerves and body. There are a lot of places around the world that could contribute in healing the body and spirit.

GOING TO DIFFERENT PLACES IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE MAKING IT MORE BENEFICIAL. Once you start you won't want to stop because traveling gives you happiness and satisfaction thus restoring your overall well being. It is believed to increase one's life expectancy as well. Seeing other places, meeting other people and learning other cultures are delightfully refreshing and exhilarating!


So ready your packing cubes and travel bottles that you've been planning to use for a long time now. Book that flight that you've always been checking in that travel website. Start taking those steps towards health, travel more and live longer!