All About Travel Bags!

What is traveling without travel bags? What a very lonely and absurd thought!

Having the right kind of bag can make packing and unpacking less stressful. It can even make your travel adventure easier and more exciting. Treat your travel bags as one of your trusted travel buddies. They carry your most important things and all the essentials that you may need on your trip.

A lot of travelers at some point may have faced challenges and struggles where they're stuck carrying the wrong type of bag. It's like walking a mile of rough and rocky road pulling your wheeled suitcase in a forest or entering a luxurious hotel with your worn out hiking bag. There are different types of bag which will be suitable for each kind of trip.

Bags are designed to both make you at ease and beautiful during your adventures. Here are some examples of bags and how to use them the most applicable way:

1. Travel Totes
Ideal for women who would like to look more fashionable and stylish while traveling. It has limited space but with good enough space for your wallet, passport, phone, electronics and some clothes. If you plan going on an overnight trip, this could be the perfect bag for you.

2. Weekenders
As the name suggests, this travel bag is the answer for a long weekend trip. They are designed to hold enough clothes, toiletries and other travel necessities. Because they don't have wheels, these are not ideal for heavy packing but great in going through crowded terminals or just throwing them in the trunk of the car when you're in a hurry.

3. Wheeled Backpacks
Rolling backpacks can be used to lift up and carry on your back, as a carry on or a backpack that you can wheel around. They can be a considerable alternative to traditional luggage for extended trips or if traveling to different destinations or over a variety of landscapes. Wheeled backpacks have the space capacity between of backpack and suitcase that would allow you to carry as much as you can without adding strain to your shoulders and back.

4. Rolling Luggage
These are the suitcases with 2-4 wheels which you mostly see in the airports being pull behind in different sizes, designs and colors. They are ideal for long vacation and outside the country trips specially when you are traveling with your kids. They prove to be very convenient in airports and if you need to carry a lot of things. Just be careful on them if you need to walk through a rough terrain or staircases.

5. Duffel Bags
Bags that are usually cylindrical in shape, soft sided and are usually carried over the shoulders. These are ideal for packing larger items like camping gears, sleeping bags and other sports equipment as they have wide openings that provide one roomy compartment. If you are planning to go on a cruise, duffel bags would be the perfect bag to bring as suitcases are not allowed in yacht rentals.

6. Travel Packs
Travel Packs are like other backpacks like how you wear them and how they support. But they specially designed for travel as they have specific features such as organization pockets, lockable zippers, hideaway hip belts and shoulder straps. Ideal for travelers who is always on the move and would prefer to carry everything on their backs.

But no matter which bag you bring, make sure to have fun and enjoy as this is the main purpose of you adventure!