Are you on a Vacation or on a Travel?

Most people are often confused with the difference between vacation and traveling. Staying in a high class resort while relaxing and enjoying the comfort of the sea and sun may be considered travel to someone. Going on a 3-day hike would mean a vacation to your Boss. Nowadays, the true meaning and value of travel is not being well understood anymore. A lot of us think that these two words have the same meaning and context and others usually mix them up.

I remember once from an article I've read, that people who go on vacations have photos to show but people who travel have memories to share and stories to tell. True, that there is a thin line that divides the two but I find the differences in them significant and simple to comprehend. Understanding their distinctness may help you find out what you just really need in your life or what is really your heart's desire. You may just want to get away from your busy life, demanding work or you might want to go on an adventure full of exciting uncertainties.

Vacation happens when one takes a break from his conventional everyday activities and spend time to visit new places, relax in a familiar location or going back to your hometown for the purpose of momentarily escaping the monotony of life and the stress that go with it. A trip to the beach or drinking an aromatic coffee on a famous cafe' is always part of a person's wish or dream. It is strolling in a wonderful theme park or have a week-long getaway with the main focus to loosen up, calming your body and mind and having fun.

Traveling, on the other hand, is experiencing life from an unfamiliar place and gaining knowledge and appreciation with other people's culture and beliefs, delicacies, picturesque scenery, customs and way of living. You learn new skills, discover new things, try bizarre and unusual activities, food or maybe a strange sport or an exotic dance. It is often challenging and sometimes exhausting as you will go beyond your comfort zones and will need to cope with uncommon practices and unacceptable ideals. You'll get lost on your way to your hotel or destination and may be confronted by unknown or unexpected situations that you need to overcome. You'll need to talk to the locals and may be forced to try speaking a different language to communicate. This will be a great opportunity for you to become a better and more sound person. A great way to widen your horizons, perspectives, develop great ideas and self-realizations. It could even improve your self esteem and confidence. Maybe even enhance the way you treat life.

But don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with wanting or going on a vacation. This would refresh your mind and body from the bombarding routine activities and deadlines. But if it is the thrills and adventures that you're seeking, then you're opt to travel! I also believe that traveling is more rewarding in a lot of aspects that you cannot even define or count.