Backpacking, Glampacking and Flashpacking. What is your Travel Style?

       You probably heard about Backpacking as it has been one of the trends in traveling for a long time now. Backpackers travel to wherever places they want to go bringing only what is really necessary that could fit in a backpack. They have the least amount of plans and preparations as they are ready to manage whatever challenge they would face. Comfort and convenience, even looking glamorous are not in the picture. Survival and Minimalism are the key words needed to be understood when you go backpacking. Backpackers usually have low budget for their trip and would refuse to stay in an expensive hotel or eat in an extravagant place. They are not particular with what clothes you wear and would even buy food from street vendors or share food with locals. 

       But have you heard about Glampacking? This is different from backpacking as it involves a healthier budget and they typically follow an itinerary. Glampackers are stylish backpackers who won't sacrifice their comfort and outfit while traveling. They too have the passion to travel though won't compromise their clothes, shoes or even the place they're going to stay with cheaper costs. As they have more money to spend, they usually stay in a luxurious hotel, eat in fancy restaurants and they usually end up having an increase amount of luggage than they started the trip. They will spend a lot of money roaming around and buying things. If backpackers mostly depend on public transportation, glampackers would want to travel more conveniently by renting cars or other private vehicles. They usually travel for recreation and shopping.
       While you want to try at least once to be a glampacker but your resources wouldn't allow you to, don't feel miserable as you can most likely be able to Flashpack. This is probably the natural evolution of regular traveling as everyone wants to enhance one's own traveling experience. A flashpacker would mean that you have a slightly larger budget than a backpacker but lesser than a glampacker. You tend to get a more comfortable accommodation and eat in a better restaurant. These are usually the travelers who have taken up the time to save up and planned their trip beforehand. They too love to travel with their backpacks and travel independently but are willing to spend a little more for added comfort and enjoyment. These are also the travelers who we may call tech-savvy who are bringing more electronic gadgets with them.

       "To travel is to live." A very explicit quote to define traveling as it makes travelers who they are. Traveling is not limited to only one style of traveling. You can be whoever and whatever you are when you go to different places and just want to experience new and fun things. It may depend on your personality or resources as well and even with the purpose of your traveling. In anyhow you would like to travel, you just need to remember to have a lot of good memories and always be prepared for unthinkable situations.