COVID-19 and Traveling.

Covid-19 has been shaking the world for the past few months, economically, morally, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Globally, the number of deaths has surpassed 70,000 and total confirmed cases around world is already more than 1,280,000 and still counting. It's on the daily news, social media and just about everywhere. It is causing fear, anxiety and panic as it spreads like wildfire with no vaccine or specific cure for it.

Five countries have now had more confirmed cases than China, where the outbreak began. Most countries have now already closed their borders and have declared travel bans and lock downs.

Tourism is currently one of the most affected sectors in the current Pandemic health crisis of the new coronavirus, COVID-19 outbreak.

As the situation evolves and in other areas worsens, many people all over the world still continue to travel whether for an important business matter, personal reasons, a few still for leisure or to escape the current chaos or other because of humanitarian causes. This is despite the fact that majority of people from different countries are required to stay at home by their government, others forced and most communities are on strict and enhanced quarantines.

Anyone who still wants or needs to travel has a vital duty to take care of themselves and others as well. They shouldn't be the source of spread of the disease too.

Here are some helpful tips on how you could possibly travel safe and responsibly.

1. Before travelling, seek advice from your National Health Authority to check the guidelines and protocols in your place as well as your destination.

2. If you suddenly become sick while traveling, isolate yourself from people and seek medical help the soonest you can.

3. Once you've returned home from places with cases of COVID-19 outbreak, do a self quarantine at home even if you don't have any signs and symptoms.

4. Should you start feeling unwell after you returned from your travel, call your local healthcare provider and make sure to follow their advice.

5. Maintain social distancing wherever you go, even if when you're not traveling. Keep at least 1 meter between yourself and others. Stay away from crowded places. Avoid joining mass gatherings or social events.

6. Proper hand washing with soap is one of the best methods to kill the virus. It has been shared that because the virus is a self-assembled nano particle in which the weakest link is the lipid (fatty) bi-layer, soap dissolves the fat membrane and the virus falls apart like a house of cards and dies. So wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water. Avoid shaking hands and touching your face as well.

7. The best way to stay safe while travelling is to follow the latest World Health Organization guidelines as closely and meticulously as possible.

But if you can stay at home and there is no need for you to travel, STAY AT HOME! We can travel again and continue our exciting adventures when this crisis ends and everything returns to normal, when there's no longer danger outside and we can comfortably and safely enjoy our travels again. Plan your travels at this time and also your travel accessories you need once we get through this.