Do's and Don'ts When Traveling Alone

Traveling Solo may not be something everyone plans to experience but with the proper knowledge and precautions, it would be something that you should try at least once in your life. It might prove to be exhilarating and a worthwhile adventure. Here are some tips that may be helpful on your solitary trip:

1. Do have a plan. Research or ask about areas of your itinerary. Before starting an adventure on your own, make sure that you know what to expect and you already have a plan on how to spend your time on your trip. Make yourself aware of the culture and other important things of the place you're going to visit as well.

PS. Inform your loved ones at home on your solo travel and your whereabouts just in case any emergencies may arise.

2. Do try to remember or produce copies of important numbers as possible. Memorize your passport number, imperative phone numbers or credit card numbers if possible so if stolen or lost, the process of replacing them may be faster and if in any case something may happen, you'll know who to call.

3. Do keep your important documents and necessities such as passport, money, IDs, copy of your airline ticket safe and secure. Use a bag that is sturdy and attached well enough to your body for you to easily feel if something's not right.

4. Do be prepared for any type of environment or weather when you travel. Remember to dress appropriately. Research on the season and weather for you to prepare the type of clothes and accessories you're going to bring. It is much better to look more like a local rather than an obvious tourist. You might want to keep a low profile to avoid attraction of malicious intent from others.

5. Do be aware or be cautious of your surroundings even while enjoying and having the time of your life. Always stay alert and observant wherever you go. Be confident and believe that you're not "really" alone!

1. Don't boast about your traveling solo. Unless it's deemed necessary, avoid telling strangers where you are staying or that you are traveling alone. As much as you would like to make new friends, you still have to be vigilant whom to trust.

2. Don't carry a lot of money or valuable things with you. Only bring things that are indispensable. Avoid flashing or leaving valuable things in public view and never count your money on the streets.

3. Don't pass through dark, suspicious looking and narrow hallways or streets. It would be smarter and safer to stay on public places where there are other tourists or people. Use the day for your sightseeing tour and your night for rest and relaxing at your hotel, home stay or wherever you booked your accommodation.

4. Don't accept any beverages from strangers and never lose your sight of your drink when with people you don't know. It is always better to be safe than sorry. You won't lose anything anyway if you follow this reminder.

5. Don't do anything that is illegal or that is against locals' culture or beliefs. Respect and understanding are the important keys when traveling to other places.