Dream Now, Travel Later!

All around the world, COVID-19 and its wildfire spread of infection along with the number of deaths, social distancing and stay at home protocols are keeping millions of would-be travelers from continuing their long planned adventures to different places. Restrictions on nonessential travels are strictly implemented across the globe. According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the number of airline passengers has decreased to 90 percent compared to this time as last year.  

A lot of people who made traveling as part of their lives are surely having troubles and difficulties of accepting and coping with our current situation. Traveling has proven to be helpful and beneficial to a lot of people. While we don't have the exact time frame of when it will be safe again to travel, why not use our spare time at home to plan and dream of our next adventures. This is a very good opportunity to remember the places that you've gone to and the friends and locals you've met. Say hi and ask how they're doing which you weren't able to do before because of your busy schedule. 

List down all the travel essentials that you will be needing when we can safely and comfortably travel again. Search online for the perfect brand, colors or design that you would want for your packing cubes, travel bottles, travel pillow or maybe it's about time to look for a new luggage or travel bag. Plan on the places you would want to visit next and create your own itinerary. Think about the clothes you would want to wear to each destination. If your wardrobe is not enough, use this time as well to plan on what to buy the next time you're able to. 
If this is not the time to travel, this is the time to dream. Dreams don't have an expiration date. During these times of challenge and hardship, even a little travel inspiration and dreaming can help us uplift our spirits and get us ready to hit the road again the moment that all these chaos have passed. While we're all waiting, let us all have patient hearts and faith that these too shall soon pass. 
Here are also some inspirational messages from travel campaigns all over the world to encourage us in these trying times. 

1. "It may not seem like a great time to think about travel, but this too shall pass. Now more than ever, we need to come together as a community and a destination. Atlantic City is eager to welcome you back to our seaside destination when we defeat this crisis and come back stronger than ever. Our team is ready to assist you when the timing is right." - Atlantic City

2. "Stay at home, read that book, binge that series or finish that project you started. Soon, we will meet again. Soon, our rhythm will move you the way it always has, and you'll see our landscapes like never before. Soon, we'll welcome you once more. Let's take care now, so we can meet again soon." - Colombia

3. "We are meant to connect, and we are stronger together. But separated, we are today more united than ever. And for now, our main strength is to be apart. It’s time to stop. Nature, landscapes, beaches and monuments aren’t going anywhere. They will still be there, waiting for a better time to be lived. And we must do the same for a while." - Portugal

4. "While travel to Switzerland is unfortunately not possible at the moment, it is allowed to dream, to be inspired and to plan. That is why we would like to bring Switzerland to your home." - Switzerland

5. "Taking a break can mean so many different things. It's a moment to relax, a moment to reflect, a moment to fly or a moment to set sail .Nevertheless, it's simply a moment. And when the moment comes, we will be here."  - Dubai

6. "We miss the city. We miss the sites and the sounds. We miss the gardens and we miss the wild. But most of all, we miss your smiles and the smiles you bring to our faces. We know you miss exploring Singapore. We are doing what we have to do to keep everyone safe and healthy, and we are asking you to help us." - Singapore