How to Brave the Rain while Traveling?

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…it's about learning how to dance in the rain!”
For a lot of us, our usual dream vacation usually involves crystal clear beaches, bright and blue skies, sunny dresses, a sweet and cold Pina Colada, a place near to a paradise. Only to find out that it won't be the situation you'll arrive at.  Don't let a crazy downpour or a whole day rain shower spoil your most awaited vacation.
Here are some tips on how you can be prepared and enjoy the pour:
1. Be prepared for unpredictable weather.
It's not sufficient to just have a weather forecast app in your phone or a printed weather report for the whole week. Always prepare for the worst. Pack a travel umbrella, a raincoat that won't even take space in your luggage, a poncho or scarf that could be used as a fashion accent and a shield to the cold and rain shower at the same time. Museums, historical sights and other tourist spots or highlights would still be where they're supposed to be even if Mr. Sun is currently out of sight.

2. Accept that things won't always go as you please and that it's not the end of the road.
Be creative and resourceful. Enjoy the rain. Try walking in the pavement while those tiny droplets create a rhythmic, soothing sound and touch on your umbrella. Use this as an advantage to your photography dreams like capturing the city's great tower reflected in puddles or how the rain meets the window panes of houses. But if the rain is too much to be entertaining or is making you depressed, use this time to experience the local dishes or delicacies in the nearest restaurant or grab that famous aromatic and flavorful coffee in town while watching people passing by or the rain falling on the concrete floor. 

3. Maybe the time for you to have that long-dreamy stay-cation has finally come.
For the dedicated worker that you are, you deserve to have that calming and refreshing rest and relaxation in a comforting hotel, stay house or wherever you decided to stay in for your trip. Have a soothing Thai massage or a ventosa cupping, a foot spa or just lie down in the warmth of your bed while watching a movie and drinking tea or coffee. Sounds fun and inviting right? 

4. There are beautiful places that are more worth visiting when it's raining. Generally, mountains and fields are greener and more alive when the rain is drizzling, waterfalls and streams are so much more majestic and cooler, museums and cultural sites are more inviting with lesser people to crowd-in inside. You may never know, you might appreciate these attractions more than with the bright and scorching heat of the sun. Just make sure to ask local guides or tourist stations first if it's safe to visit these places with the amount of rain or type of weather they're having.
There are other more reasons why it could be more fun traveling with the rain and why you shouldn't sulk in your hotel just because the sun is hiding itself.
But I can therefore say that there's also beauty and serenity with the rain. The most important thing to remember is not to get cold or sick. And at the end of your trip, if you used your positive attitude, protective gears and artistic ideas, you'll tell yourself and others that despite of the unpredictable weather, it was all worth it. And you would be doing it all over again.