How to Prepare and Counter Culture Shock during your Travel?

Culture Shock is defined as being cut off from a familiar culture making you experience a whole new different environment and norms that may seem strange and not acceptable. It doesn't only happen when traveling to foreign countries but it can also occur within one own's country as most countries have vast and diverse culture and beliefs.

Going through unfamiliar places, meeting strangers with different and unusual ideals and experiencing peculiar cultures and beliefs can oftentimes be mind boggling, stressful and life changing. But these effects can be minimized by following the recommendations listed below:

1. Learn as much as you can about your destination. Research and check their language, food, traditions and other significant things before you go specially those which are simply different like what side of the street people drive on, what is not allowed in their place, their religion and customs. The more you know in advance, the faster and easier you'll be able to understand and adapt.

2. Be Open Minded. Have an open mind and heart to willingly learn and understand other people, their attitudes and lifestyle, their values and culture. By doing so, it'll be more comfortable to experience these new places with their people and wide range of cultures and beliefs.

2. Be Patient. Accept that learning new things and adjusting to other cultures and uncommon things takes time. You may make mistakes at first and have struggles but it is part of adjusting and you need to be more patient with yourself. Carry with you a positive attitude to feel the good things more than the negative ones. Maintain a good sense of humor always with you. I can assure you, encountering extreme uncertainties would be easier to be dealt with.

3. Do not Compare and Expect. They say that expectations lead to disappointments. Comparing may lead to disappointments and may take away your chance of enjoying and savoring the moments of your beautiful adventure. You need to also prepare for the worst and know that there would really be big differences and unacceptable things or practices that you will encounter. Grab this opportunity to grow as a person and learn new things that would be helpful in your life and that you can share with your loved ones back at home.

4. Accept and Cope. Recognize and embrace that you are having a Culture Shock or it is always a possibility that it'll happen. In this way of realizing and acknowledging it, you can have your own way to deal with it or have other people help you deal overcome it better.

5. Meet New Friends. Establish new and healthy friendships by meeting the right people and associating yourself with positive vibes. You may often hear the saying that "No man is an Island". You'll get to share insights and experiences with other people and at the same time hear other thoughts and views about the differences and culture diversities aside from your own understanding. Practice your social skills in creating a satisfying relationships with the locals of your destination or with other travelers.