How to Stay Healthy and Maintain Good Personal Hygiene While Traveling

We can all agree that traveling could be stressful. One of the struggles is on how to look good and fresh while enjoying and having the time of your life. And while you would want to experience all the activities and must try's in every destination you visit, one must still consider keeping clean and healthy. We don't want our amazing trip to be cut short because of allergies, sore throat or worse could be going back home with a virus or bacteria.

Here are some useful tips on how you can enjoy your adventure at the optimum level:

1. Clean water will not be always available wherever you go. Be careful of what you're drinking as well as the water you use for brushing your teeth or washing your hands with. Contaminated drinking water is the leading source of health problems for travelers. Best way to protect yourself is not drinking tap water. You can opt for sealed bottled water, or when not available, boiling the water can generally kills most bacteria or drinking hot liquid may be safer like coffee or hot tea. There are also a number of good water filters and purification tablets you can bring on your travel.

2. Properly wash your hands often. One of the quickest way to catch an illness is through the mouth. Washing of hands is very important specially before eating meals, after using public utilities like ATM, bathroom, phone booth and after touching any animals or displays. If clean water is nowhere to be found, make sure to pack plenty of hand sanitizers or anti-bacterial wet wipes.

3. Keep hydrated. Traveling could really be tiring and can even make you sweat a lot specially when you are in warm places. Drinking a lot of clean fluids will flush your system and keep it going.

4. Be cautious of what you eat. A bit of planning can help a lot. If you have allergies to food, avoid them no matter how tempting they seem to be. While it may be enticing, skipping food from unknown street or roadside vendors can prevent you from getting sick. Also, it'll be best no matter how curious you are, to avoid exotic dishes such as monkey, bat, unusual wild and bush meat. Avoid raw meat, fish, shellfish, eggs and other produce.

5. Keep your nails short so as to prevent dirt, microorganisms or debris getting under them. If you are type of person who can't survive without long nails, make sure to clean them as often as necessary.

6. Look good, feel good. Whether you roam around the city or walk in the countryside, wearing the right clothes and keeping them clean and wrinkle-free will prove to be the best thing to make you feel good and healthy. You can try using packing envelopes to help your clothes stay fresh and unwrinkled. This is also one helpful tip on how to store your outfits in a smart way.

7. Take a shower daily no matter how much you just wanted to close your eyes and sleep. Washing body will remove dirt and microorganisms from your body. If water is an issue, pack large wipes that you can use to clean your body.

8. Rest. Don't pack your whole day with so much activities that there won't be anymore time to rest or sleep. Your immune system gets weak when you lack sleep. You also need to recharge for the next fabulous day ahead.