How Traveling Made Me a Better Person.

There are a lot of different reasons why people travel. Some travel to escape their demanding and stressful work. Some, to meet new faces and experience new things. Others just want to "just travel". Whatever their reasons may be, remarkable or not, a lot of them would definitely agree that Traveling has one way or the other has changed their way of living. As for me, it changed the way I view life.

Here are some of ways how traveling made me a better person.

1. It improved my confidence, increased my self esteem and boosted my courage.

After accomplishing so much and being independent for a lot of trips now, it made me realize how braver and competent I am now to face the world. Be it problems, crises or disappointments. There is more to life than sulking and drowning yourself to difficult situations.

2. I became more understanding of people and be less judgmental.

When you travel and learn how other people live and how much they have less or more, you get to understand somehow what struggles people go through everyday to live. Some may have it easy, some may have it hard but everyone is battling a fight we may not know. The reason why we need to be patient and be sensitive of others.

3. It heightened and enhanced my decision making skills.

Yes, things may go smoothly during your trips but from my experience, things often don't go the way you want them to be. Flights are delayed, rooms are not what you expected, you get lost in the middle of a city you're not familiar with. These will test how smart and calm you cope up, how resourceful or wise you can be to solve these issues on your own.

4. It broadened my horizon.

Seeing new places, understanding different cultures, interacting with different races and types of people made me grasp the truth that there's more to this world. It doesn't end with the 4 sided square I live in or the chaotic office I work at. Travel taught me to stretch my capabilities and explore more on what I can do. It gave me a chance to tell myself to strive harder and that it's okay.

5. It increased my social abilities and helped me discern my social responsibilities that comes with it.

When you travel, it gives you no choice but to talk to strangers. Specially if your destination is not in your country where you need to ask someone for directions. Others just want to talk to locals or natives to learn more things about the place. In either way, your ability to interact with people magnifies. Since I do this often, it became natural for me wherever I go now and it made everything so easy but, I always remember the social responsibility and respect that is part of it.

6. It taught me gratitude, a greater appreciation for life.

From mesmerizing sunrise to a sea of clouds on the top of a mountain, from hospitable, cheerful locals to mouthwatering cuisines and exotic delicacies, from breath taking landscapes to mysterious historical structures, who would not be thankful that they're alive to see and experience these marvelous things? I can't stress enough how grateful I feel whenever I get to be in other places, pretty or not, fascinating or just more of the usual. There is this magic that works on me whenever I step to other places I haven't been yet. I hope you find yours too.

7. It taught me LOVE.

Love is the universal language understood by all. In places with different languages, beliefs and cultures, traveling will eventually teach you Love. It definitely taught me.