Travel and Safety

    More and more countries and destinations are reopening their borders and attractions for tourists. However, this is accompanied with safety protocols, mandated quarantines and other health requirements and COVID-19 tests that you need to pass prior the scheduled visit. The CDC continues to warn that traveling increases the chance of getting and spreading the virus. Staying at home is still the safest way to protect yourself and others. 
    With all these quarantines and strict staying at home rules mandated by governments all over the world for the past months, most of us may already be ready to go berserk and will go insane before this year ends if we'll not be able to see the green scenery of trees and mountains, not able to feel the cold breeze and water of breathtaking beaches, not able to appreciate how the rain drops through the old roads and pavements while drinking the best coffee in a famous cafe', not able to breath the fresh and relaxing air from Mother Nature. 
    So many of us are wondering, is it safe to travel right now? There are different factors and variables that need to be understood before we can say that somehow we can at least lower the risk of getting or infecting others of the virus. Where you want to go, how do you plan to travel, the case rate of infection in the planned destination, your plan of action and behaviors once you arrive and many others are examples of factors that you may need to think through. 
    However, no matter how safe and cautious you promised to be, it's nearly impossible to guarantee that you won't contract the virus without a vaccine. But with your mind and heart on safety precautions, preparations and behaviors, it is very much possible to lower the risk associated with travel. COVID-19 virus is continuously evolving and it's critical to follow guidelines set by Health organizations such as WHO and CDC. It is crucially important to practice safety measures wherever you go which includes, wearing of face masks, regularly washing hands with soap, avoiding crowds and gatherings and maintaining social distance everywhere you go. 
    Here are some helpful ideas on how to take a safe while traveling this Pandemic as suggested by experts.

* Book a hotel or any type of accommodation where there is social distancing and follows 50% capacity of occupancy. Make sure to check and confirm if the property is rigorously following heath and safety protocols and look for signs or certificates that they are implementing regular disinfection, cleaning measures, follow social distancing and other CDC and WHO guidelines in the elevator, pools, dining areas, your room.

If you're not comfortable staying in a hotel, you can book a private resort or home rentals. But also make sure that the property was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior your check-in and they have placed safety and health guidelines for all, workers and guests.
* Socially distant road trips and camping are the new hype. In these times, these 2 seems to be the safer ways to travel and go on an adventure and have fun while limiting exposure and avoiding the crowd. If you're not comfortable with camping in a tent, you may try glamping, a more luxurious way of camping and embracing nature and its relaxing effects. RV camping may also work for your but again make sure these are cleaned and disinfected prior using them.

* Consider and plan on adapting your vacation plans in accordance with safer alternatives that can help reduce the risk from exposure with the virus. Think of safer approaches during transportation, activities, lodging, eating and communicating with other people like wearing face masks or maintaining a safe distance, constant sanitation. 

* You may work with a travel agent who are professionals in this matter and may have been trained and attended countless seminars to ensure the safety of travelers. 

    But if you can wait to travel until the vaccine, please do so. :)