So... What Type of Traveler Are You?

1. The Museum Lover and Cultural Heritage Enthusiast
You shriek to the first sight of the signage of any museum. You won't care if you spend the whole day gawking at art pieces, ancient ruins, old paintings, artifacts and other crafts. 90% of your phone memory are pictures of Mona Lisa, the first television invented, the money used by the first President, the first photograph that was printed and all other firsts in the world.  
2. The Free Spirited Adventurer
You go with the flow. You don't follow itineraries or travel guides. You just go wherever your feet and heart lead you to. 
3. The Thrill Seeker
You would try every new, exciting and blood rushing activities that your eyes will land to without any hesitations. From eating squirming mollusks like "tamilok" to Skydiving in Himalayas, riding the Tower of Terror, shark cage diving and crocodile bungee jumping. You won't even blink an eye on any of these.
3. The Solo Backpacker
It's not that you're a loner or you don't have friends, you just love your independence and being with yourself sometimes. You want to experience things and places not minding or considering what your companions want to do or not. You sleep where you want to sleep, you eat whenever you just feel like eating and you go wherever you want to go.
4. The Can't-Be-By-Myself Traveler
You believe in the saying "No Man is an Island". You are having fun the most when you're sharing laughter and experience with your partners, friends or family. You hate being lost and having to meet strangers on your own.
5. The Super Friendly Chatter Box
Everyone you meet becomes your bestfriend. You asked a stranger on a direction and after a minute she has already liked a post of yours in facebook and started following you on instragram.
6. The Nature Lover
Hiking, Beach, Camping. These would be your kind of things. Seeing trees and greens calm your nerves and relieve your stress. You love the gush of the fresh wind on your face and the little drop of dew from the leaves in the forest or the majestic sun while he's rising in the east.
7. The Extravagant Spender
"You don't travel everyday" is your motto so spending all you want for you to experience the best is what you do. You sleep in a 5-star hotel. You eat the best cuisine they can offer you. You rent a car to drive around. You bring home expensive souvenirs to your family and friends because you want them to experience a slice of what you've had.
8. The Budgetarian
The exact opposite of the Extravagant Spender. You would stay on homestays, transient houses or bed spacers and eat sidewalk food or just buy in a grocery and cook your own food. You bargain in every store you buy things from. Your feet are your bestfriends and you get to see and experience the different side of happiness and satisfaction.
9. The Itinerary Planner
Months before your trip, you already prepared your itinerary from the time of arrivals to your time of sleep and lunch to the places you'll visit. You get nervous when you overstayed at a destination, anxious that you may not follow your plan accordingly. Bright side is you get to visit so much places and create more memories.
10. Selfie is the Real Deal 
From the moment you stepped in the airports to security lines and seeing the first flower in the land you're visiting, you sure won't forget to capture a photo. In fact, your main goal is not to just check out new places but to capture these in pictures and sharing them with the world, and of course with you in them. 
11. The Pilgrim
Churches, shrines, trails of saints, holy lakes and mountains would make you book the next flight you see online. Your dream is to drink from the sacred spring of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes in France or to walk the street of Jerusalem.
12. The Party Goer
You become alive and crazy when you hear the word P-A-R-T-Y. You say yes in a jiffy when a local or a fellow traveler invites you to a celebration or a gathering or sometimes you can't help to just invite yourself. ;)
But no matter what type of traveler you are, the important thing here is to have fun and savor those moments and cherish them all!