Take a City Break on Your Next Vacation!

Have you ever considered spending your whole week of vacation in one city? City Break Holidays are short trips usually from 2-4 days. They could be in major cities or smaller destinations. 

City Breaks tend to be less expensive and could easily fit in your lifestyle. They are a perfect way to spend your National Holidays or even just your weekend off as they are short and sweet. 

Many cities around the world have a lot of scenery and infrastructure to show off, mesmerizing history and stories to tell, unique traditions, cultures and beliefs to share. These experiences could add positive perspective in your life or could even teach you something that you could use when you get back home. Most reasons why people go on vacation is to have a break from work, to relax and go back fully recharged. Spending it in just one city will give you the ideal time to just sit in a coffee shop, observing the city and the people to soak up in the atmosphere and the vibe or just sit in a square to read a book with something cool to drink. I know you get the idea. :) It's a very different experience when you hop on from one city to the next, having a fully booked itinerary of activities rushing you because of time constraint and availability of transportation. It's no wonder why City Break has increased its popularity with many people. It's a superb way to unwind and to surely have fun with thousands of selections and cost-effective budget. 
Here are some of the best places and people's favorites where to have your next awesome City Break vacation to get away and refresh.
1. Venice, Italy
Venice is a unique city as it has been built on water. A gondola ride along the Grand Canal is essential when you visit the city as there are no cars. The city literally floats in water. You must walk or take a boat to see the splendid attractions, inspirational museums and other breath taking sites and scenes. 
2. Marrakesh, Morocco
Enjoy your vacation in the Red City to experience an exotic holiday. It is home to charming mosques and gardens, as well as the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square and souk market where you can buy Berber rugs and spices, leather goods, silver jewelry and trinkets, Moroccan lamps and even love potions.
3. Barcelona, Spain
Discover golden beaches, stunning architecture and fall in love with their exquisite Catalan cuisines, salsa bars and ancient squares and alleyways. 
4. Paris, France
Need not to say more as this city is very popular for its glamour, blissful landmarks and art galleries. A city of love where you can just wander around the street and be mesmerized with the beauty and alluring place.
5. Amsterdam, Netherlands
A postcard perfect city where you can easily blend with its culture and take a boat ride in the picturesque canals or visit Van Gogh's masterpiece hanging in his self named museum.
6. Prague, Czechia
The fairy tale city of Prague will definitely help you escape the stress and demands of the everyday life. From the enchanting castle, astronomical clock, cathedrals, sculptures and musicians you may want to stay and live in this city forever.
7. Dublin, Ireland
Dublin is known as a warm and welcoming city with friendly people. It's famous for its craic or crack, a mixture of repartee, humor, intelligence, fun and enjoyable conversation that has most likely one of the reason a lot of people are attracted to this city. And while you're in the city, visit the Guiness Storehouse. 
8. Copenhagen, Denmark
Considered as one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world, wandering around the city would surely be exhilarating and fun. From its acclaimed Tivoli Gardens to The Little Mermaid Statue and their classic blue and white hand-painted dinnerware, you'll absolutely have the time of your life.