The Cold Never Bothered me Anyway

Let's accept it! There are a lot of fascinating and attractive destinations to visit that have very cold weather. But just the thought of having to walk on frozen pavement or the idea of packing and dragging bulky luggage is preventing you from experiencing a captivating winter wonderland.

Check out these suggestions that may help you conquer dreading the cold.

1. You may have surely heard that Layering is the key to packing light for cold places and you heard it right! Thicker fabric doesn't mean it's warmer. Heavy and bulky sweaters or sweatshirts may take up a lot of space in your luggage. Use thin but with insulating layers instead. Better if they're made of wool or fleece material. Start with your base layer, then your presentation layer and lastly your jacket or coat.

2. Add warmth to your body with accessories that could even bring charming style and fashion! Here are some of the accessories that could save you from turning to "Frosty, the Snowman":
- Wear your cute and comfortable bonnet or your fluffy ear muffs and head wraps to keep you extra warm.
- Your feet are very important when traveling because they're the one who bring you to your destination. Make sure to protect them from getting cold by wearing thermal socks or else they would hurt.
- You can never go wrong with a scarf. While it brightens and adds accent to your outfit, it also produces warmth and serves as protection from the crisp wind.
- Who doesn't take pictures when they travel? And how will you be able to capture that perfect moment when your hands are freezing and can't move. Touchscreen gloves will be your best friend on this matter. No need to take off your gloves every now and then just for them to become functional.

3. Let us add more emphasis on the importance of your feet. Since most of your travelling will be done by walking. Comfortable, durable, warm and waterproof boots are the best for this. Don't hesitate to spend time looking for that perfect fitting shoes. Remember that they'll be the one to take you to delightful and interesting places.

4. Invest on thermal underwear. This is the most important winter wear as it regulates and stabilizes our body temperature. Unlike cotton wears or other fabrics, these don't absorb water like sweat, making it functional not only in providing warmth but also in keeping you dry. They are made to adhere to the body like second skin to help you move freely and comfortably as well.

5. Use heat pads. Do I need to say more? :)

6. If you travel by plane, choose the bulkiest and heaviest of your clothes and wear them. This will save space on your luggage and at the same time won't be counted for check-ins. Use compression sacks or vacuum cube bags. In this way, you can fit more things inside your luggage by removing air.

Don't you think that it's about time to get out of your shell? Follow through on the plans that you made and walk in a winter wonderland with smile and happiness!