The Ups and Downs of Traveling

"You can't have a rainbow without a little rain". 

I'm guessing that you might have probably stumbled on this saying before. Traveling is not always coated with sugar and spice and everything nice. It's not always pretty and comfortable. I even read that it could sometimes even break your heart. But that's fine. I don't travel for the sweetness of it. I travel because of the experiences and learning it gives me. 

The magnificence of the places you visit doesn't come in handy. You just don't put your foot on the pavement and expect the Angkor Wat to be within your sight or when you come down from the plane and think that Machu Picchu is waiting there for you. There would be challenges, difficulties and struggles along the way. Specially when you go to different countries with different languages, beliefs and cultures. You may even get lost or worst be put in prison or get into fight. A few times you may even get sick or catch viruses that can make you bed ridden for the rest of your travel dates. You may really experience or face things or mishaps that you may not like or that would make you get out of your comfort zone.

Nevertheless, these certain things shouldn't keep you from wanting to travel. These shouldn't stop you from seeing the world as it should be seen. It needs to be experienced for you to appreciate it more, to be more thankful for. I always keep in mind that there's always a rainbow after the rain. There is always happiness after the hardships. It's like traveling a 2-hour flight from London to Oslo, then riding a car, bus or train for 3-4 hours to get to Otta, then taking a coach for 2 hours and hike a five-hour trail to the glacier where the Fannaråkhytta Lodge in Norway is found. And at the end of the day you'll tell yourself that it's all worth it.

Also, one thing is most certain when you often travel because of these ups and downs. You change. Don't feel weird when one day you don't want to live in the city anymore because it suffocates you. Or your ideals and thinking are not the same anymore with people around you. And I'm sure that you'll change for the better you. A more understanding person, a person who knows how to respect and love despite of color or whether it is breathing or not. A person who has self-confidence and flexibility to face any challenges life may offer. A person who sees the world in a positive perspective no matter how cruel it gets sometimes.

Traveling can be bitter sweet. It can be stressful and it involves spending money. It could become difficult and can make you curse. It could even make you go hungry or make you go home with body aches and wounded toes. But it is most definitely rewarding and worthwhile. In my 10 years of traveling, never did the downs dominate the ups I feel whenever I travel. Never did they and I'm pretty sure that never will they.