The Wonders and Joy of Solo Backpacking.

Backpacking doesn't only mean going to different places with a backpack. It may not be the most convenient way of traveling but it could be the most exhilarating experience you could ever have. 

With backpacking, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, in your own pace and ease. It is not a method of just walking around places but a lifestyle  and choice on how you would like to see the world. 

Below are other reasons why Solo Backpacking is truly an enjoyable and invigorating must-do at least once in your life:

1. Backpacking will teach you on how to become a minimalist.
Minimalism is living with few material possessions. This is achieved in backpacking, bringing only what is essential. It will assist you in finding freedom and will force you to improve almost all aspects of your life. You'll be content and appreciate what have. You only carry what you need and you only need what's in your backpack. You'll be able to practice your creativity, resourcefulness and other survival qualities thus making you a better person.

2. Backpacking will teach us so much about life.
Everytime you go on a trip, you decide on what to bring and where to go and think of the how to's. Specially when you are by yourself and only carry things just enough for your trip. You learn to be independent and depend on yourself alone. You learn to be more cautious and listen more to your environment. You start to observe more of what is happening around you and later appreciate things you do not give attention to before. Then you'll learn the best things in life aren't physical things and there's more to it.

3. Backpacking will enhance your health and mental wellness.
There's really something marvelous and refreshing in walking around the streets or traversing to mountains and lakes carrying nothing but your backpack. It does not only improve your stamina and strength but it could also reduce the stress that you're going through as it releases endorphins that makes you happy. When backpacking, focusing and decision making are vital thus would exercise your brain cells and would improve your memory and brain functions. And it could even make you loose weight. ;)

4. Backpacking can improve or boost your social skills.
Due to the nature of Backpacking, it is indeed difficult not to talk to other people. There would come a time that you'll need the help of the locals, or co-backpackers when you travel alone for directions, suggestions or just someone that you would like to tell your story to or would like to listen to. This is the time that you'll get mix with different, ages, backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. You'll broaden your horizon and heightened your social skills that may lead to long term friendships or who knows, to a deeper relationship. 

4. Backpacking will heightened your Self-Esteem.
Facing challenges and learning to find ways to cope and overcome them is really a good way to increase one's confidence. Backpacking would definitely be an experience for this. You'll be forced to come out of your shell, to talk with people, to overcome your anxiety and timidness. Of course, it could not be that easy specially if you're an introvert type of person. But the reward of it is indescribable and beyond words and feelings. The excitement of getting through the obstacles, being alone in an alien place and creating connection with other people would paint a big smile on your way back home. And you would want to do it all over again!