Travel Now and Live Longer!

Recent studies show that traveling doesn't only make you happy but also lengthen your lifespan. It helps prevent depression, Alzheimer's disease, heart diseases and other conditions. It may even be the key to a satisfied and contented life!

Read on to know how.

1. Traveling Keeps you Happy and Healthy.
According to research, women who travel have been found to have lower risks of heart attack and men who don't travel have an increase rate of 20% of falling sick or having risk of death. It is also proven to improve mood and gratifies one's outlook in life.

2. Traveling is a Natural Stress Reliever.
Stress is one of the main culprit associated with a lot of health concerns. Breaking away from it may be your pass to ward off various health problems and that is where traveling and adventure enters.

3. Traveling Helps Build a Stronger Immune System.
Our immune system defends us against infectious diseases and other health threats, the reason why it is important to have a robust immune system to fight off sicknesses. By exposing your body to diverse environment and new surroundings, it learns to adapt to different bacteria and viruses but of course, basic hygiene practices still need to be observed.

4. Traveling is a Great Healer of Body, Mind and Soul.
Travel is an effective way to recover, cleanse the mind and even open your heart. Different places have their own positive energy that may touch our spirit and soul. It could be the spectacular sights of nature and wonders, the happiness and hospitality of the people there or their authentic culture.

5. Traveling: Exercise the Brain thus Improving its Function.
In one study, travel is included on the top list on how to work out our cognitive capabilities. We need to continuously engage our brain cells to certain activities to prevent your mind power from fading. Since you go out of your comfort zone when traveling, your mind tend to focus and stay sharp at all times specially when you are confronted with new situation, you meet new people or when your decision making skills is tested.

6. Traveling will Keep you Fit.
The best benefit of traveling that you can get is the amount of movement that you will do because you'll always be on the go. You won't want to miss any fantastic scenery and breath taking attractions on your destinations. What better way to do it than walking where you can digest and breathe all the beauty in your own pace.

Now if you'll ask me if traveling can contribute to a longer life, I bet it does. It's a fact that when you discover new things, accept challenges and get through them or when you experience different culture and beliefs, you feel better and happier. It will help you feel good and satisfied. It could even make you proud of yourself. 
So if you dream of a long life, book that flight that you were eyeing for so many months now and start your adventure!