Travel to Your Heart's Content

There was once this girl who knew nothing of this world. She wakes up in the morning, works in the office, eats three meals a day and later would go home to sleep. This is her daily routine for a very long time. She thought that she was happy because she is living her life as what she believes is expected of her.

Then one day her world collapsed. She didn't know what to do. She wished that she would just suddenly disappear and would no longer feel anything. She shut herself from the world. This had gone for a long time too.

One fine evening, an old friend visited her. They talked about a lot of things including their dreams when they were still kids. They talked about the different places and adventures that they would want to go and experience exhiliration and fun. Then her friend asked her to conquer this mountain she saw thru her social media. To her own surprise, she said yes. Little she knew this was the start of her new life.

She started a new job. She still wakes up in the morning, eats three meals a day and go home to sleep. But there was something different. Something has changed. She started traveling to different places when she has time or whenever she feels like to. She climbs any mountain she get the chance and camp to her heart's desire. She meets new people and made a lot of friends, both locals and tourists. She visited other countries and learned new cultures and way of living.

Then she realized, this is how to be alive and living. Her seeing and understanding the world she lives in made her a better person not only for herself but for other people. By traveling and seeing how other people live, she told herself that there is inherent goodness in people. She learned to appreciate more of the sky, the ocean, the trees, flowers and even the cold breeze and the drops of rain to the pavements.

Traveling taught her to be calm and be patient with life. To let things go if it's not meant to be or is just putting burden on her. It taught her to care more and be kind as all human beings may be fighting their own battles that she didn't know. She now values experiences more than money and other tangible things.

She is not easily swayed with problems and hardships anymore. She have seen more. She's sure that she'll be able to get through all these. Traveling had enriched her life. She is now living for the moment. She still thinks and plans for the future. But her experiences made her a brighter and a wiser person. They gave her confidence and courage to face of what is yet to come. She's no longer afraid to try new things.

She's the best version that she could be. And she would want to let others know about the beauty and happiness that traveling could give you. She would want to let you try and come out of your shell. She would want you to have the contentment and joy she is having right now. She would want you to spread your wings and start to fly. She knows that you won't regret it. Because she didn't.