Wanderlust and Pregnancy

Traveling when pregnant is safe for most women but consultation with your doctor is a must before booking that next trip abroad. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the best time to travel is between your 14th and 28th week of pregnancy. This is the time when your energy has come back, morning sickness and the discomfort usually is gone and it is still easy to get around. 
Being pregnant while going on adventures could prove to be stressful but it doesn't has to be. But wherever you go, the most important thing you have to remember is to prioritize your comfort and health as well as your baby's. Here are some tips that may help your trip more comfortable and safe.
1. Time the trip prudently.
Not all pregnancies are similar with all women but the second trimester is usually the easiest one to hit the road before the little one arrives. Not much nausea and vomiting like in the first trimester and not yet that big where you'll have more difficulty moving around in the third trimester.
2. Choose your destination carefully. 
The Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention recommends that pregnant women avoid sleeping in altitudes higher than 12,000 feet. Safety is the priority in selecting the place and that would mean good air quality, safe drinking water, low risk food borne diseases and avoid traveling to countries where vaccinations for pregnant women are required. Asking your doctor is the best way to know if the place you'll visit is safe.
3. Plan ahead.
Itinerary when you're pregnant is very much important. Traveling would surely be different now that there's a baby bump. You may need the restroom more frequently than before. Walking may seem to be more tiring. The food may not seem pleasant to your nostrils or taste buds unlike before that you can eat any food  you see. Make sure that you check out all the destinations you visit including the way of travel and other logistics.
4. Pack lightly but make sure to bring enough healthy snacks and fluids.
Pregnant women tend to get tired, hungry and get dehydrated easily as she's carrying another life with her. The reason why it's important to have what you need ready on hand. It would also be more convenient to wear simple and comfortable light clothes. This would also contribute to a less bulky and lighter suitcase. 
5. Move as often as you can.
During pregnancy, a woman's blood clots more easily and prolonged sitting may contribute to this. That is why stretching every now and then and moving around as often as possible can help a lot in maintaining normal circulation of your blood. While on a road trip, you can walk in the rest area for a few minutes. But while doing so, taking short breaks and putting your feet up is also a must as we all know that carrying extra weight needs extra effort. This will assure less stress and added comfort and safety.
6. Be smart in picking your activities.
This is using your common sense in choosing the activities you'll engage with on your trip. Amusement parks won't let you ride their extreme attractions anyway. :)
But one thing you need to always remember is to enjoy being pregnant as you won't always be pregnant and you're carrying a beautiful life that you should really be proud of and you're doing a great job!