Who Said Traveling is Expensive?

Anyone who says Traveling is expensive lacks imagination. Whenever I ask people I know to join me for an out of town or country trip, I often hear them say "That is too expensive" or "Wow, you sure do have a lot of money to spare". Truth is, I don't have that much. What I have is a love for adventure and being free. You don't have to be rich to explore the beauty of the world. Just be creative and resourceful and let that passion do the work. Here are some tips on how:
1. Book your ticket wisely.
Travel during the off season where you can find cheaper airfare, low room rates, less people in lines or less crowds in tourist's spots. You get to save money while you get to enjoy more because of less hassle. Wait for that seat sale promo online and you'll soon realize that spending money to travel is not what society expects you to believe.

2. Try out new ways of lodgings.
There are different and less expensive ways for accommodations during trips that will definitely save you money. You can go for short term room rentals like Airbnb or homestays, hostels, bed and breakfast hotels, camping or you might want to check out couchsurfing where hosts are usually former travelers themselves or locals who just want to meet new friends offer free accommodation. But always remember that safety is the most important key here. Read reviews and get credible references to where you plan to stay. 
3. Use your feet more than wheels.
Don't let the thought of convenience entice you to always get a cab when going to your destinations. Some cab drivers may take advantage of hiking the fare. There's no better way of enjoying scenic spots other than when you're on feet. Plus, it'll keep your body fit and hype. But if walking is next to impossible, use public transportation like buses, trains, "jeepneys", "tuktuks", "habal habal" and many other different modes of transportation. In this way, you save money while exploring other cultures and satisfying yourself with learning new things and gaining exhilarating experiences at the same time.
4. Learn to master the art of packing light.
Read articles on tips on how to pack light. Bring only things you'll definitely need and make sure to bring travel sizes. Do not bring expensive jewelry and electronics that will just bring inconvenience. In this way you'll avoid overweight luggage fees and will be more favorable for you to move from place to place. This will also help you not to be picky with the place you're going to stay at.
5. Experience being a local.
Food is part of the bulk of the budget when you travel. Instead of dining in costly restaurants, try eating affordable local food. They are usually cheaper and you get to delight your taste buds of unique flavors and cuisine as well. Plus points again on gaining new knowledge and indescribable feelings of experiencing other's culture and way of life. If you love cooking or know how to cook or if local food seems just not your preference, to save cash, just buy from a grocery store and cook your favorite meal. Just make sure you have a kitchen or any place to cook at where you are staying. 
6. Make new friends.
Traveling in groups is proven to save money and is definitely more fun. Your expenses are divided and it may mean more laughter and stories. But if this is not your personality, you can always break up and travel solo then just meet up later. Meeting new people whether locals or fellow travelers may help you in finding cheaper commodities, food or better itineraries. So maybe, this is the time to start practicing your social skills. 
7. Don't be scared to experience new things.
You want to travel mainly because you want to see the world. So while you're at it, grab every opportunity you have to truly experience it but do not forget to be mindful of your surroundings and safety at the same time. And once you realize the goodness of it, you'll never complain again of the money you spend for travel. It'll just satisfy your heart with happiness and contentment you yourself wouldn't be able to explain.