Why Do I Travel?

There isn't a month in a year that I don't travel. At the end of a long week at the office, I find solace and relaxation in the mountains, beaches, buses and trains, unfamiliar places and people. I feel free and myself. Just the thought of being in a place that I've never been makes me feel ecstatic and alive. It gives me an overwhelming sense of contentment and calmness. I know a lot may find this vague or unreal but to those who are feeling this way too when traveling, high five to you.

I seldom do luxurious or planned trips. DIYs and joining travel groups are more fun and exciting for me. Luckily, I always meet good and incredible souls that become my friends and travel mates. Some people and places leave precious memories and stories that you get to take home with you and can be shared or pass along to others. I get to learn and understand people of another part of the world's ideology and perspectives. Some I adapt and some are just good to know.

I also travel for food. Eating is one of the best thing in this universe for me. I've been to a lot of places already and tasted different cuisines. A lot of these compliment my taste buds but there are those who are again good for experience but you won't try again. Though, I don't go for exotic and raw type of food. You might be braver than me to try those "tamiloks" or fried tarantulas.

Whenever you see a majestic rock formation or the colorful corals under the sea, don't you look up in the sky and appreciate the earth you are living in? It makes me realize how blessed I am despite of the hardships and downs I am experiencing back home. Yes, it could be just a temporary solitude but in that short time you get to rest your mind and soul. Use these new places as your charging stations. So when you go back home, you're fully recharge, ready to face the challenges of what life may give you.

I've read this somewhere that she loves to travel because it opens her eyes, gladdens her heart, sharpens her mind, tires her feet, lightens her wallet and brightens her life. For me, these are most definitely all true. Traveling opens your eyes to new things and learning you can't experience by just staying at home or in the office. There is this something I couldn't put into words that I feel after I travel. It's like a sense of completion or love for myself, for everyone. It can't stop me from putting a silly smile on my face whenever I go back home no matter how tired I feel. It's also true that you need to spend money to travel. But you can travel and have fun while not spending a lot. You just need to work it out.

Others won't know these feelings unless they try. People are unique and different so not everyone is a traveler or a person who see life by traveling. But I suggest you try it at least once in your life. There's nothing to loose. And who knows, you might be creating your own blog on why you travel!