15" Packing Folder with Stretchable Sides


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Looking for a Premium Travel Packing Folder that will keep your clothes straight and fit folded even after a long travel trip? 

Here's why you are going to LOVE your Brand New Garment Packing Folder with Vibrant Colors:

1. Made of pure, imported 100% water-resistant durable nylon.

2. Designed with a great strap so you can easily carry it in your hand or stuff it under the seat of the airplane.

3. Will keep your dress skirts, jeans, polo skirt, etc. straight so you don't need to waste time ironing it before using it.

4. Total size of 15 inches allows you to store up to 5-10 clothes depending on the size.

5. You can choose your favorite color, pick between green, blue or orange color.

6. Crafted with premium water-resistant ripstop nylon fabric that is strong and a nylon strap with high quality whole adjustment velcro.

7. Stretching fabric provides a volume increase for more storage solution and it makes it fit like a sleeve for your garments.

8. It comes with a shirt folding board that includes folding tips and instructions for different clothing.

Inside Content:

» Quantity: 1 x Anti-Wrinkle Packing Folder

» Color: Orange, Green or Turquoise

» Size: 15 Inches x 11 inches

» Material: Nylon

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