Slim Electronics Organizer


  • EXCELLENT QUALITY STORAGE for your cell phone accessories, charging cables, computer, headphone and power cords, hard drives, adapters, usb flash drives, power bank, disks, pens, other small gadgets and electronics items. Guaranteed made of high quality, durable and lightweight materials that will last a long time. Crafted with delicate stitches, water-resistant nylon material, reinforced zippers and stretchable elastic straps that will definitely hold your electronics firmly and securely.
  • THE PERFECT SIZE and SPACE SAVING SOLUTION for organizing and managing your electronics in one place. This compact electronics travel organizer pouch can be easily tucked in your purse, handbag, backpack, briefcase, laptop case, luggage or suitcase. Giving you more rooms for other items. With its heavy duty handle, there'll be no other easy and convenient way to carry your gears and other electronics accessories than this cable pouch!
  • IDEAL, ELEGANT COLOR and DESIGN for organizing your electronics like a PRO. Designed with easy to access, sturdy elastic loops, with 2 extra flaps inside, one with extra elastic loops and multiple mesh storages for your SD, sim and memory cards and another flap with a zippered pocket to keep and protect your important items securely. You'll never find any other electronic carrying case that could store this much and that would surely prevent your valuable things from falling or being damaged!
  • SAY GOODBYE TO TANGLES, SCRATCHES and LOSSES. Finding and sorting your electronic gear accessories is now a breeze with this portable charger, wire and cord management system. It can even be used as a travel checklist so no items will be left behind or use it even as a healthcare kit, an office kit, a grooming kit or a cosmetic bag! Stop that non-stop digging and headaches! Never worry about a misplaced important item ever again! It's even free from chemical or plastic smell!
  • YOUR HAPPINESS and SATISFACTION is very IMPORTANT TO US and we are confident that we can give you and your loved ones this CONVENIENCE and PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION. If for any reason you aren't happy with our stylish and functional slim electronics organizer, email us and we will do everything to make you 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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