Need Help with Reviews?

1. How do I create a review on Amazon?
You can go to the reviews page, choose the product that you would like to review, then place a review.

Alternatively, you can leave a review by following
these steps:

  1. Select the product that you purchased
  2. Click Write a customer review and follow the steps
  3. Write your review
  4. Click Publish review to submit. If you want, you can click Preview your review first to check out how it will appear.

2. How do I find my Amazon reviewer name?
Your Amazon reviewer name is the name or alias you chose to appear on your Amazon review.

3. How do I find my Amazon review link or permalink?
When your review is published on Amazon, visit the product that you have reviewed on Amazon.
On the product page, look for the review that you have created.
The review will have a "Permalink" link under it. This is the Amazon review link or permalink.

4. What can I write about?
You can say things like:

  • Did the product meet your expectations?
  • Did you like the color, design or packaging of the product?
  • What product features did you like?
  • Were you satisfied with the service?
  • Would you recommend this product to others?
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