Silicone Travel Jars

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Color:Green Yellow and Blue


Got tired of using plain old-dull looking pot jars that can't even serve their purpose? Do you always feel the exasperation of spilled eye shadow in your pouch or finding out that the homemade lotion you made last night had dried up this morning?

Here's why we are so sure that you'll fall head over heels in love with our Dot&Dot cosmetics container:

These pack of 3 charming travel pots are BUILT TO LAST LONG with their TOP RANK QUALITY made for your satisfaction and to free you from worries and stress. They are highly reusable and dependable to safely hold thousands of items at home, office, school, holiday trips, hiking, camping or even for parties.

THE APPROPRIATE SIZE and LIGHTWEIGHT FEATURE of these charming cosmetic jars are great for traveling or when you just want to go out for a dinner date. Conveniently carry them anywhere, toss them in your luggage, or store them in the pocket of your coat where they are readily accessible or in your medicine cabinet for months of use. Cleaning them by warm soapy water will even be an enjoyable experience for you.

With their 3 variety of pastel colors (yellow, blue and green), DISTINGUISHING THE CONTENTS OF THE JARS has never been this easy and simple. Brace yourself of other people's envy look on your unique and lively cream jars. They are greatly assured to be better than plastic containers and are absolutely odorless and chemical-free with well-thought packaging.

Allow us to give you the pleasure of a comfortable and satisfying travel and adventure because we believe that no one should be deprived of this.

Have your noteworthy, special keepsake that you deserve now!

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